Free spins is a common type of promotion provided among the vast majority of online casinos worldwide, and due to them being rather popular amongst the punters, they’ve turned into a mandatory component at any iGaming site you’ll come across these days. Free spins, as derives from the name, providing you with an ability to play certain slot machines for free, with each spins having fixed value and being free of cost. That allows an opportunity to play with a chance of winning real cash, without actually having to put up any of your own funds.

So, let’s take a look on how you actually obtain those free spins? Well, for starters you’ll need to stumble on an online casino which actually offers such promotions. Here on our site, you’ll be able to find a breakdown of the top online casino that are currently have free spins promotions on offer.

You will often find various terms and conditions applied to Free spins. One of the prime examples of such rules is wagers requirement, which means you need to turn over your winnings a definite number of times before your freeplay funds turn into withdrawable balance. Say, for instance, you were credited with 10 Free spins and you won £10 – if the wagers requirement was 10X, you’ll need to play through a total of £100 before it becomes withdrawable. Most offers also have a certain time period and at some moment expire, so it’s vital to use them up in time.

Free spins at Starspins Casino

Starspins casino is one of the better sites to claim spins at, as they have relatively low wagering. Generally speaking, the majority of their Free spins offers carry play through rate of just 1X, meaning it’s amongst the lowest in the entire industry. With a few exceptions, the maximum winnings are also not limited, ensuring you can earn a huge amount of money straight from your bonus rewards. Let’s take a good look at some of the ongoing Free spins offers running at Starspins.

Welcome Bonus

Starspins casino credits 30 spins to each new customer. As to how to claim those, you are to simply make a deposit of a tenner or more, and wager these funds in any game of your choice. As soon as you’ve finished wagering, the spins will be automatically supplemented to your account.

Daily Free

Each day, you get to play two slots at Starspins absolutely for free. These games include such titles as Secrets of the Phoenix and Double Bubble. To claim these free spins, all you need to do is to play through at least £2 on the site in the past seven days.

Mega Spins

Simply wager 20 quid or more on the selected Megaways slots and you’ll be entered into a draw to win up to 30 quid! That is simple, and if you’re a winner the bonus is added to your account in an instant!

Winnings Calculator

We’ve created a special, useful tool which is ready-to-use – free of charge – by all Aloha Club members, believe it or not. Our winnings calculator allows you to estimate your win chances from playing the popular slot machine Aloha Cluster Pays at Starspins casino – and, indeed, any other online casino offering the game for that matter. The winnings calculator is updated in real time, using pre-inputted slot data. You are also welcome to input your own data into the machine, to give you an idea of how the calc works.

So, how to use the tool? First, you need to enter your qualifying stake – this is found in the top field. Below this line, you’ll need to enter the RTP of the qualifying slot – this is the game in which you have been given bonuses to use on. Then below that, you’ll have a chance to enter the number of Free spins you’ve been credited. And then you need to input the value of each of the Free spins – this is usually 0.10, though some online casinos now offer 0.20 Free spins.

Finally, you need to enter the RTP of the slot machine (this can be found within the game rules), and you’ll see the “Expected Value With No Wagering” field automatically updated with your results.

Stake for Qualfying
Received Free Spins
Free Spin Amount
RTP % of Aloha Cluster Pays

Free Spins FAQ

Aloha Bonus club is always on the lookout for the shortest ways to get to the most impressive Free Spins and No Deposit offers. One of our goals is to provide the club members with reliable useful information. That is why we have collected questions from our visitors regarding free spins and any rules applicable to them.
1. What Free Spins Are? What They Are Used For?
Free spins are presented by most of the online casinos, oftentimes as a part of a no deposit bonus. Usually, such bonuses are offered to new customers, and the online casinos use it as a way to attract new customers. At some sites, you can claim no deposit Free spins, meaning it is not necessary to deposit in order to claim them. However, at other sites, making a deposit is mandatory.
Once you obtained your free spins, they will normally be “locked” to one certain slot machine. If you pick Starspins among others, you’ll be capable to use them on NetEnt’s Aloha Cluster Pays, which is one of the best slot games for using all types of bonuses seeing that the RTP is very high. Once you’ve played them all, you collect the winnings you’ve obtained credited straight to your account.
2. How I Can Get Free spins?
It is an easy thing to claim spins in the current industry landscape. Our squad of online gambling experts have composed a list of the best online casinos which are currently offering all sorts of no deposit bonuses. Use our list so that you can quickly and with ease find the proper sites to claim bonuses at. If you found a site you liked the look of, then joining is simple and takes just a moment or two - you will the get the Free spins automatically credited to your account.
Remember, if you choose to claim a Free spins offer, you’ll want to make sure you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions. This is due to almost all online casino offers coming with certain restrictions - whether it’s the wagers requirement, game exclusions or expiry dates. Remember that it is quite common for the majority of the sites to offer Free spins promotions these days, so if a particular one doesn't seem to look very good then just keep on looking - the variety is there.
3. Can I Get Free spins More Than Once?
Bingo! Virtually all online casinos now offer regular FS promotions. In the past, it used to be a case that they were only gifted to new customers. Thankfully, the online casinos realized the Free spins were proving very popular with customers, so they now incorporate these offers into their promotions daily.
For example, at Starspins, they run a particular promotion called Daily Free. This allows you to claim a number of FS any day throughout the week. They may be played with when opening popular slots. That major benefit of the Daily Free promotion is that you’re able to claim your rewards every day of the week, so you don’t need to worry about being a new player - existing customers are taken care of just as well. You may find out more about Starspins’ Daily Free from their web site, which can be accessed through this page.
4. What Happens If My Free spins Win?
If you manage to win money from playing your Free spins, you will notice that there’s usually a turnover requirement applied to these funds. This means that you will need to wager these winnings a few times and reach a certain turnover amount before you’re allowed to withdraw your cash from the account. We’ll get back to the topic to cover turnover requirements a bit later on in our frequently asked questions section.
When your Free spins are used up, check your bonus balance and you will notice that any winnings were transferred there. (This can also be omitted in case there aren’t wagering requirements applied to your free spins.) Upon checking your bonus balance, a punter will surely see how much more they have to play-through to match to the bonus requirements, and if a player reaches this amount the funds will be transferred to a withdrawable balance. We should also warn you that some online casinos are setting maximum payout rules to this bonus cash. Thankfully, this is not how it works for Starspins players, so that’s not something that one should worry about.
5. What Happens If My Free spins Lose?
Regretfully, once in a while you will find your Free spins not bringing any wins - and if this is exactly your situation, then it’s important to be aware of what to expect. When your spins are all played out that’s all there is to it - there’s nothing else obligatory that’s to be done from your side. The funds you gain are transferred instantly to your bonus account - and in case there are none of such funds, then merely nothing would be added up to your bonus wallet. Nothing else basically matters.
If you finished all of the Free spins given to you and somehow did not manage to win a penny, you’ll have to make a pause before you’re eligible to claim one more free spin juicy bonus. Thankfully, at Starspins this cooldown period only lasts for 24 hours, at which point any punter can regain their “Daily Free” promotion, so no need to stay stuck with this for long!
6. The Wagers Requirement From Free spins?
Wagers requirement are set alongside Free spins in almost all cases - and they’re something that the player, can't control. Thankfully, most wagers requirement are quite low, so there's nothing to worry about. So, what is the wagering requirement and how it works?
Well, you are to turn over the bonus funds a specific number of times. For instance, if you win 9 quid from your Free spins and the wagers requirement are 1X, that means you’d need to stake a total of 9 quid before the bonus becomes withdrawable. In this same example, if the wagers requirement was 2X, then you would need to stake and wager a total of £18. At Starspins, the play through rate is usually 1X, so you stand a very good chance of completing them.
7. Is There Any Limit To How Much I Can Withdraw From Free spins?
This depends entirely on the casino you’re playing at. Some online casinos do attach maximum win caps to players’ winnings, while others don’t. Starspins are one of the better online casinos out there today, and they do not attach any maximum win limits both to new and existing customers. What does this mean for you?
Well, it allows you to enjoy playing at any online casino without worry about the terms and conditions. No matter how much you end up winning, provided you are able to meet the wagers reqs, the funds are yours to withdraw - or, if you prefer, you may also choose to play it further into the online casino, dependant on your personal preferences. If you wish to get Free spins at any other online casino, please don't forget to read through their terms to be sure you know well about the wagers requirement and cashout limits, if applicable.
8. Can I Play All Games With Free spins?
Not at all. Almost all casinos online restrict you in certain slotgames. Thankfully, one of the best slot machines out there - Aloha Cluster Pays - is offered as a game choice at the world’s leading online casinos. This means that your bonus spins can be used on a machine that offers you a very decent chances of winning.
It should also be noted that Free spins are usually locked to certain games. So, let’s assume that online casinos are giving their new customers 30 FS (like Starspins), you will usually find that there is a choice of games for you to play them on. If you would like to find out more information about which games are available for playing with bonuses, you will be able to take a look at the main terms and conditions page. This will outlay which games the bonus spins may be used on, allowing you a quick and easy way of deciphering which slots it can be used on.
9. Are Free spins Part Of A Marketing Trick? Why Have They Been Introduced?
While it’s certainly true that FS are used by online casinos as part of new-customer acquisition strategies, then you will want to bear in mind that they have actually worked out fairly well for players. Sure, online casinos choose to give their new customers any offers imaginable in a number of scenarios, but many times, this ends up being a +EV move for you, meaning the online casinos can end up actually losing money as a result of running their no deposit promotions.
Furthermore, many existing customer Free spins offers are now given out. This means that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been signed up to an online casino for, you will find yourself able to enjoy playing your favourite titles with regularity.
10. What’s Better: Free spins Or no deposit Bonuses?
This is a tough question to answer. Bonuses without deposit are in great request - they help to receive some amount of casino cash without depositing. Nevertheless, it should be pointed out that the great majority of no-deposit offers carry very low maximum win caps - and that means you’re not able to withdraw that much money from a no-deposit offer.
Free spins, on the other hand, are both easier to come by, and allow players to win some more money. While the value of them can be rather low, there are rarely any maximum win caps attached to them, and you could also use the spins on virtually any casino game you enjoy, provided it's part of one of the chosen slot machines in the site’s T&C.
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