Starspins has multiple ways for customers to contact the company’s support team. First, people can use the Live Chat option on the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a toll-free number on which UK residents can ring them day or night, on 0800 542 2693. A form is available on their site that you can fill out and submit and expect an email response in return. All of this support is available at all times, though there is a chance that you may have to wait a while for a response from email.

Our experts tested the Starspins customer support system. Providing people with good customer service is important because whether there is a problem or you have a routine question, receiving an accurate answer quickly and efficiently reflects well on the company as a whole.

Starspins deals with all types of support questions, some of them with more skill than others. Often you receive a standard automated reply. Sometimes they left us alone to wait for a few minutes while they look up the answer.

When it comes to technical issues, they are usually right on the money. That said they don’t seem to have a great grasp of their verification process. In addition, when we asked about closing our account, we were encouraged to not do so. This is a fairly big lapse when it comes to their efforts to stop compulsive gambling.

They took several minutes to come back to us to explain the rules of their promotions and no deposit bonus offers. Since that’s a pretty typical question, we have to wonder why it took so long. They do take a personal approach in general, and at times can be very patient and understanding. So it is a bit uneven, which may confuse some customers simply looking for consistent support.

Contacting Starspins via Phone

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Trying to obtain support by phone is a bit of a chore on Starspins. First you have to go to the support center, look through the support center until you find the General Questions category and then through the General Questions category, search for Contact Us. That’s a lot of steps simply to find a phone number on a modern website.

Starspins support

Their phone service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff only speak English. The questions you want to use phone support for are issues you may have logging in, security questions that may pop up, and anything particularly urgent. If you have questions about the casino’s bonus offers, free spins or technical issues, you will find better results by going through their email form or live chat, as you want to get that information in writing so you can more easily follow it. This also allows you to make sure that your question is properly researched before you get your answer.

Like most of the customer support offered by Starspins, your experience may not be that great. If you look at the company’s Trustpilot review page, you’ll find numerous people complaining that after they contacted Starspins with a question, their entire account shut down and they were locked out. This seemed to happen most often when people started asking questions about the odds on their various games. It also happened when people questioned who exactly had won the jackpots they are promoting.

When people asked to have their accounts closed, however, customer service was not so welcoming. It was as though they could sense the player was a problem gambler and wanted to keep him or her on the site. They are quick to ask you verification questions, but once you respond will keep you waiting for a bit.

Overall, the level of customer service we received by phone from Starspins was far from impressive. Many people on Trustpilot have wondered whether Starspins is a scam. While we cannot say that for sure, their customer support is not a solid argument against it. It seems like their goal is to keep you playing and keep you losing, unless you ask a hard question that may cause them to shut you out.

E-mail Customer Care at Starspins

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Email support is by far the safest way to contact Starspins. You can include attachments and verify the conversation thread. However, it’s not particularly secure on Starspins. They don’t have support ticket numbers on the emails they send you so getting a follow-up is going to be difficult. Still, when it comes to transaction checks, KYC checks and AML issues, it is certainly the way to go. You can get a reply from their customer support staff in roughly 30 to 40 minutes. That’s fairly quick for an online casino site.

They will ask for a copy of your driver’s license or other official documents to verify who you are. You can skip this process by simply providing it during the initial verification process. At first, they will try to redirect you to the Live Chat feature and/or suggest you check out the FAQ section of their site. Some people may find this type of response a bit dismissive, as though it is copied and pasted. You obviously don’t get that from a phone question or through Live Chat.

If you have had your access to the site cut off, email support is really the only way to get it restored. It is also the best way to verify your account information. And if you have a problem with any financial transactions, it is a must because you will have a written record should you need to contact the UK Gambling Commission.

Their replies are going to be very formal. They will try to redirect you to forms of communication where you can’t simply save the discussion. They will not track your communication. And as we noted, during the telephone conversations, if you try to ask them about odds or the names of the people who won jackpots you are likely to see your account suddenly closed, which is fairly suspicious. But if all you want to do is verify your account email support is certainly the way to go. Starspins should have a better overall communication system in place that actually worked to help the player out. But it is what it is, and they will try to be helpful if you have a non-threatening question.

Getting Information from Starspins Live Chat

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Live Chat is what Starspins wants you to use, and it is easy to see why. It’s fast and responsive – and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you can’t send attachments through Live Chat you can handle pretty much anything else. We would not use Live Chat for any account related issues where we would be asked to send a copy of our bank statement or a verification document.

Starspins Live Chat

Their Live Chat is powered by Zendesk. Zendesk allows Starspins to learn what the most frequently asked questions are so that staff can provide fast responses. It’s scalable and lets you grow your Zendesk experience as your company becomes larger. This may be why when we started a Live Chat the response times ranged from immediate to under three minutes for us to ask our questions.

Players will probably want to use Live Chat if they have questions about the registration process, the details of the site’s promotions, free spins, no deposit bonuses, questions about the rules of specific games, and the betting limits imposed on them. Be careful, though, because if you ask them about the odds on a game or about who won the jackpot, you may find that they close your account.

On your PC or desktop, the Live Chat icon will appear as an icon with the words “Live Chat” on the side of your screen. On mobile devices it is harder to find; it’s a small black circle with another circle inside it. It looks like a common search icon and gives no clue that it is the way to start up a live chat.

Our general impression of the Live Chat experience was mixed. Sometimes we would receive responses that were obviously copy-pasted. Other times the answers were not complete or not exactly what we were looking for.

On the other hand, there were times when we were able to interact with a nice, friendly person who seemed genuinely interested in helping us with our problem. It comes down to who on the staff responds to your Live Chat question. In general, we found their answers to be too short for the type of questions we were asking. If they had put a little bit more thought into what they were saying and tried to offer a bit more detail, it would be a better overall experience. That said a customer service representative did stay online with us for several minutes while they walked us through clearing our browsing data so we could get the site to work. But when we asked about closing our account, they strongly discouraged that – which is a sign they don’t take problem gambling issues all that seriously.

FAQ Section at Starspins

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To find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on Starspins you need to click on the Support Centre icon. Then you will come to a page with seven sections including Payments, Promotions, Account, Responsible Gaming, Technical, Games, and General.

Starspins FAQ

The Payments page is presented in three sections including Withdrawals, Deposits and Payment Methods. Deposits have a special icon behind which you can see all seven articles featured there. The other two sections do not.

The withdrawals section is split into Withdrawing On A Bank Holiday, Withdrawing To Incorrect Bank Details, Failed Withdraw, Withdrawing Balance, Withdrawal Issues, and Canceling A Withdraw. All of these sections have complete, comprehensive answers to those questions.

Deposits is broken down as follows: Failed Deposits, Protection Of Your Funds, Deposit Issues, Transaction History, and Depositing. The responses to these questions are all very clearly explained and should be easy for anyone to follow.

Payment Methods is sorted into Removing Card Details, Changing Your Payment Method, Changing Bank Account Details and Blocking A Card. This is all pretty clear but if you want to block a card, it states that you have to do so through email or Live Chat.

Promotions is set up with five sections including VIP, Loyalty Rewards, Welcome Offers, Refer A Friend and Promotion Rewards. Just click on the section you want to know more about, and you’ll be able to find your information. We did, however, find this section to be somewhat deceptive. It never tells you what your playthrough would have to be on any bonus money or free spins received. This is something that is important for the average player to know. To find out it seems like you would have to contact Live Chat. We take away points for that. Once again, Promotion Rewards has a drop-down to look at all of the articles – the other sections do not.

The Account section includes five parts – Security, Reactivation, Closure, Verification, and Login Issues. The Closure section gives us pause. You can’t simply shut down your account if you find out that you are becoming a problem gambler, or regardless of your reason. You have to email customer service and wait up to 24 hours for a response. You also have to give them a reason you want your account shut down. We feel that this should be considerably easier for you to do.

The Responsible Gambling Section is broken down into four parts – Problem Gambling, Self-Exclusion, Cool Off, and Account Limits. As we discovered when we contacted Live Chat, the customer service people are trained to keep you gambling for as long as possible. It’s not going to be easy to sort yourself out if you find that your gambling habits are problematic. As we went through the FAQ, we discovered that if you want to close your account with this online casino because you are worried about responsible gambling issues, you will have to contact their customer support team and give a reason for cancelling your account. While it is possible to request a cool-off period, you will either have to talk to their staff or go through a complicated process on the site that will not take effect for at least 24 hours.

The Technical page is laid out into four areas – Troubleshooting, Devices, App Issues, and Game Issues. This is by far the best part of the FAQ session. Each answer is clear and easy to understand. They have a vast knowledge of the technical issues that go into running a successful online casino. Particularly helpful is the section on how to make sure you will receive promotional emails from the site – and not have them sent to your spam basket.

The Games page only has two entries: Slots and Free Games. On the Free Games icon, they have clear explanations on how to play the Daily Free Game and the Monthly Free game – and have a chance to win actual cash. They also explain how to play all of their games for those who do not want to gamble. The game page could be expanded and include more information. As it is if you have a problem playing the games, you are probably going to have to go to Live Chat or send them an email. This is by far the weakest part of the FAQ section.

The General page only has one section – About Us. Here is where you will find the details about how to contact them, how to make a complaint, online dispute resolution, and a second-page title About Us.

The About Us page tells you nothing about the company. It reads like it was intended to be vague. The details you’d want to know about the company are simply not there. In addition, this is where all the contact information is. So it is necessary to navigate to the FAQ and then click on About Us – which gives you no indication that that is where you are going to find out how to contact them. Making it very difficult for you to get in touch when you have a problem is not the sign of a casino that is looking out for its players.

The “how to make a complaint” section also tells you about a three-step process that would probably take weeks to go through and requires you to contact them through snail mail. Again, there should be an easier system in place.

The online dispute resolution section states flat out that you have to go through two steps of the process, including writing them a letter, before you can find a resolution. This gives the impression that they are trying to keep you from complaining about anything.

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